Inflated Surf Sup: Funwater All Around Paddle Board

Are you one of those people who plan each and everything to the last detail, ahead of time, for a vacation?  With summer just a few months away, a visit to the beach might be a wonderful choice, which is why you might want to consider buying a new inflated sup board. What’s a beach vacation without a little paddling or surfing? If you are serious about purchasing a new inflated SUP, then Funwater All Round Paddle Board might be a good choice for you in contrast to other cheap SUP boards present in the market that give a sloppy performance on the water.

Before getting to the review of the product, let’s take a look at its specifications.


Length:                       10 ‘6 “ (10 feet and 6-inches)

Width:                         33-inches

Thickness:                   6-inches

Weight:                       17.6 lbs.

Maximum Capacity:  300 lbs.


Funwater Inflatable Ultra-Light SUP packs all the essential accessories that you will need for a wonderful paddle boarding experience. The package contains:

  • A cool backpack
  • A manual pump
  • A 10-foot leash
  • A repair kit
  • 3 removable fins
  • waterproof mobile phone case

Product Review

The Funwater Inflated surf SUP is made up of a double PVC sheet to inflate the board to 15 psi. This higher psi (pressure) level promises smooth performance on the water. Meaning, the board will be rock solid even when a large person stands on it.

The board is super light, 35% more light than other models, with an impressive non-slip EVA deck. Do you know what this means? It means that now you can enjoy your yoga and sunbathing sessions without fearing an accident. Its durability is exponentially improved due to an additional PVC layer on the rails of the board. So now, even if you knock it against the dock or rocks near the shore, the board will not be damaged.

The design is super stable and offers a decent amount of buoyancy. You can even inflate it within 5 minutes with its manual hand pump. It comes with three removable fins, one large central fin and two small side fins, which ensures extra stability and flexibility not only in still waters but in rough waters as well. So, if you are applying relaxed or intense strokes, the SUP board will float like a dream even with a little wind and water current. You might want to get used to SUP on your knees first though.

With its ultra-durability and smooth performance, it is suitable not only for expert paddlers but also for kids, teenagers and old people. However, note that whether you are an expert or intermediate paddler, never forget to use the safety leash.

The highlight of the model is that it has a waterproof mobile phone case. Which means that you can even take selfies underwater.


  • Highly durable and lightweight.
  • Good for every level of skill and all types of waters.
  • Amazing balance and stability.
  • Affordable price.


  • Turns slowly due to three-fin design.
  • Paddle quivers slightly on a hard stroke.


If you are planning a trip to a coastal area, then an inflated surf SUP is a must-have in your luggage. Funwater Inflatable lightweight SUP is designed to offer stability and endurance in all types of waters and also does not burden your pocket. Watersport enthusiasts all over the globe appreciate this model with its accident-free and convenient maneuvering on water, due to additional PVC sheets on its rails. The design is suitable for people of different ages and skill levels.