Inflatable Surfboard: Aqua Marina Fusion

You want to glide over the water surface and enjoy a little challenge, but are afraid because you have never paddle boarded before? This might not be an issue anymore. With the summer approaching in a few months, get yourself ready for an exhilarating surfing experience with a nice and decent inflatable surfboard. Aqua Marina has come up with another surfboard, Fusion, that will show you the time of your life on water even if you are new to surfing.


Before doing an overview of the Fusion surfing board, take a look at its specifications:

Length:                        10’10” (10 feet and 10 inches)

Width:                          30 inches

Thickness:                    6 inches

Weight:                        21 pounds

Maximum capacity:   308 pounds


The package includes a nice collection of accessories.  You will be glad to know that it contains everything you need to embark on your paddle boarding journey. It includes:

  • A three-piece adjustable sup paddle,
  • A single rear fin,
  • A backpack,
  • A manual hand-pump,
  • ●        A repair kit.

Product Review

Fusion is an entry-level inflated stand-up paddleboard, perfect for larger paddlers, who need a recreational platform. This is a budget-priced board and is a perfect choice for beginners who do not want to invest much into something that they are just beginning to learn. Another blessing for first-timers is its all-around type, as it can float smoothly in calm and rough waters alike.

The 6-inch thickness of the board gives it a decent amount of durability and enables it to hold out against cuts and grazes. The top deck of the board has a nice honeycomb-pattern traction pad which covers nearly the entire surface of the deck, giving it an excellent grip. This feature makes it safe to have your child or dog on-board for paddling.

At the front are four stainless steel D-rings and a bungee cord tie which is handy for stowing your flip-flops, backpack, or extra pair of clothes. The board has a carrying handle in the middle making it super convenient to carry around once you have inflated it.

At the tail is another D-ring for fastening sup leash and an air valve. There is a singular large fin on the underside. The manual hand pump comes with a built-in pressure gauge.

Your money is not lost because Fusion has a 12-month warranty covering all manufacturing flaws. However, its long-term durability might be less than high-priced surfboards.

Overall it is a decent choice for not only first-time paddlers, but also for more competent and habitual paddlers. Its well-built structure keeps you high off the water and lets you paddle around smoothly in still water without the fear of getting wet. This makes it a safe choice for beginners who are not yet accustomed to paddle boarding but want to have a good time on the water. 


  • Suitable for still and rough waters.
  • Affordable.
  • Its deck pad offers a firm grip.
  • Contains all the necessary accessories for novice paddlers.


  • Some users find built-in pressure gauge of hand pump troublesome.
  • Long-term durability might be less than some other surfboards.


Paddle boarding is an exhilarating experience if you have all the necessary equipment. Aqua Marina’s Fusion paddle board is a lightweight entry-level surfboard that is sturdy enough to support heavy riders. It’s all-around type design makes it suitable to paddle around in calm as well as rough waters alike. Although it is an inexpensive surfboard but the package comes with all the necessary accessories that a beginner who does not have any surf retrofits yet, might need to begin their paddle boarding experience.